Sustainability Webinar

A C3-branded webinar series is a value-added offering for current and prospective members that supports strategic objectives related to the sustainability of C3, as well as the objective of strengthening C3’s brand as the national voice for cannabis, while building a robust network of industry advocates that will deliver strategic value not only for the association, but for individual member-companies.

These webinars, that will focus on different audience segments and deliver practical advice and information in this fast-moving sector, will serve as a pertinent forum for raising key concerns, facilitating discussion, and advancing potential collaborations within and outside the industry. Some will be for training purposes, while others will be for informative purposes, depending on the subject matter, content, speakers, and attendees.

Additionally, there will be prime sponsorship opportunities for Members to showcase their expertise, insights and provide guidance for current and prospective members of the association, while growing our outreach across the industry.

Our first webinar on January 14th, 2021, hosted by Grow Opportunity, will revolve around sustainability, in partnership with the Vape Recycling Pilot and our Caucus.


Stay tuned for upcoming webinars!