Cannabis Council of Canada releases Legalization Report Card to Celebrate Second Anniversary of Cannabis Legalization

OTTAWA, ON – October 17, 2020

In celebration of the second anniversary of the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Canada, the Cannabis Council of Canada (“C3”) is releasing the “Cannabis Legalization Report Card”. The report card grades Canada’s performance on a diverse range of subjects from “Government Leadership” to “Jobs and Economy” to “Medical Patient Access”.

“Today is a historic day for Canada’s legal cannabis industry. The Cannabis Legalization Report Card celebrates our successes and reminds Canadians and our governments of the work that needs to be done to capitalize on the promise of legal adult-use cannabis” said George Smitherman, President and CEO of the Cannabis Council of Canada.

The Cannabis Legalization Report Card was created using data from an Abacus Data public opinion research poll commissioned for the purposes of the Report Card, publicly available secondary sources, and the perspectives of the Cannabis Council of Canada’s membership.

The Cannabis Legalization Report Card highlights areas where the legalization is working – Government Leadership and Keeping Cannabis Away from Children and Youth – and those areas where work is needed to fulfill the promise of legalization – Medical Patient Access and Cannabis Amnesty.

“It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since Canada made history with the legalization of adult-use cannabis. As Canada’s national association of licensed cannabis producers and on behalf of thousands of our employees, the Cannabis Council of Canada would like to thank Canadians, our customers and our governments for their confidence and trust” concludes Rick Savone, Chair of the Board of the Cannabis Council of Canada and Senior-Vice President with Aurora Cannabis.

The Cannabis Legalization Report Card can be viewed at the following links:

C3 Legalization Report Card

Cannabis Legalization Report Card - Backgrounder Notes and Secondary Sources

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Cannabis Council of Canada
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À propos du Conseil du cannabis canadien

Le Conseil du cannabis canadien (C3) est le regroupement national des producteurs autorisés de cannabis du Canada, formé en vertu de la Loi sur le cannabis de Santé Canada. Sa mission est d’agir à titre de porte-parole national de ses membres pour promouvoir les normes applicables à l’industrie, appuyer la création, l’essor et l’intégrité de l’industrie du cannabis réglementé, et servir de ressource indispensable sur les questions liées à l’usage responsable du cannabis à des fins médicales et non médicales.

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