Cannabis community’s “Not Done Yet Report Card” gives legalization a “D” grade

Cannabis communitys “Not Done Yet Report Card” gives legalization a “D” grade

On the third anniversary of cannabis legalization, the cannabis community calls on governments to adopt the reforms needed to fulfill the health, social and economic promise of legalization.

Ottawa, ON, October 18, 2021 – In support of the historic third anniversary of the legalization of adult-use cannabis, the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3), the national organization of Canada’s licensed producers and processors, has collaborated with Cannabis Amnesty, Medical Cannabis Canada* (MCC), and NORML to acknowledge Canada’s global cannabis leadership with the “Not Done Yet Report Card”.

The “Not Done Yet Report Card” is an evaluation of cannabis legalization’s successes and challenges based on government objectives, industry outcomes, and cannabis community expectations. Topics covered include keeping cannabis out of the hands of youth, eliminating the illicit market, social justice and equity, access to medical cannabis, and industry viability. The choice of topics featured in the Report Card sends a signal to governments that the work of legalization is “Not Done Yet”.

George Smitherman, President and CEO of Cannabis Council of Canada, commented: “ In celebration of the third anniversary of Canada’s historic leadership, we are calling upon governments to come together with renewed energy and adopt the reforms needed to fulfill the health, social and economic promise of cannabis legalization”.

Quotes from participating organizations:

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Cannabis Amnesty: Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, Director of Research (

Canadian cannabis legalization will not be successful until it includes true cannabis justice. Those harmed by the cannabis prohibition deserve a clean slate and the opportunity to participate fully our new industry. While Cannabis Amnesty celebrates the anniversary of legalization, we recognize that we have a long way to go achieve cannabis justice.

Medical Cannabis Canada*, Max Monahan-Ellison (

This anniversary of recreational legalization is also a moment to reflect on decades of medical cannabis legalization and how we can do better for patients and improve safe and equitable access to their treatment.

The report card is available online at:
* Note: Medical Cannabis Canada’s contribution is limited to the Grade and Rationale for the section on “Access to Medical Cannabis”.

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