Help us shape the #FutureOfCannabis

It has almost been three years since cannabis was legalized, and there is a lot of important work ahead of us. Together we have:

  • Shown the world that legalizing cannabis is the responsible thing to do.
  • Created tens of thousands of high-paying jobs.
  • Generated $100 of millions of dollars in tax revenues to pay for vital government programs.

As we look to bounce back from Covid and create jobs and opportunities for all Canadians, now is the time to build on the lessons we’ve learned and the mistakes we’ve made to get the rules right and to come together for the #FutureOfCannabis.

By sharing your thoughts with us and your Member of Parliament, you can help us shape the #FutureOfCannabis

Ever heard
of a five

Neither have we.

Seem unfair to you?
These are considered equal
quantities of cannabis:


beverage cans.

Same as?


Cannabis vape

Same as?


Bottles of
oil spray.

So why can’t I just buy a six pack of cannabis beverage?

The next time you try to buy a six pack of your favourite cannabis beverage, it might be missing a can. That’s because in Canada, the amount of cannabis beverages you can buy and carry at one time is calculated by weight. Because cannabis beverages are by their nature heavier than other forms of cannabis, making weight part of the calculation means you can buy a lot less – in fact, just 5 standard size (355ml) cans!

And this is even though cannabis beverages are limited to 10mg of THC per unit, unlike other forms of cannabis such as vapes and flower – meaning that the current rules may have the unintended consequence of allowing (and potentially encouraging) consumers to purchase higher quantities of cannabis products that have higher THC concentrations.

Seem unfair to you?

That’s because it is! On top of that, this mistake is impacting an important industry that has created thousands of jobs across the country, many of which are small and medium sized businesses, especially at the retail level.

The simple solution and better way to measure would be based on allowing for the purchase and possession of a reasonable number of units, instead of a weight based calculation that doesn’t make sense for beverages.

There is a simple and better way to measure.

Your voice can help fix this simple mistake.

Fill out the form below to send your MP a letter of support for changing to a better way of measure for cannabis beverages.