Medical Cannabis: Unlocking the Plant's Potential

The potential for cannabis to address some health care challenges continues to emerge. Are we creating a cannabis industry that’s responsive to the needs of medical cannabis patients? In this third instalment of our webinar series with Cannabis Council of Canada, we host a panel discussion which will dig deeper into the issues and challenges facing the medical cannabis sector, and discuss opportunities for meaningful progress.


Danial Schecter, an experienced physician in the area of medical cannabis
Dr. Siân Bevan, Chief Mission Officer at the Arthritis Society
Helen Stevenson, founder and CEO, Reformulary Group Inc.

Helen Stevenson is founder and CEO of Reformulary Group Inc., a health care company that built a proprietary evidence-based drug list, the Reformulary, and award-winning DrugFinder tool. The company recently launched the Cannabis Standard, an online platform for Canadians to discover medical cannabis, search comparable products and track their health. Stevenson is also a former Assistant Deputy Minister of Health and Executive Officer of the Ontario Public Drug Programs.

Event Details

When: avr. 23, 2021

Where: Virtual