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ECONOMIC SHIFT: Establishing a Federal Innovation, Science and Economic Development Industry Panel for Cannabis

May 12, 11:15am

Omar Khan, SVP Corporate & Public Affairs, High Tide
Marc Kealey, Chief Advocate, Kealey & Associates
Jacqueline Menezes, Advocacy Consultant, Cannabis Council of Canada and Principal, 7th Wave Consulting
David Hyde, CEO, Hyde Advisory & Investment Inc.
Dr. Cornelius Maurer, Co-Founder & Board Member, DEMECAN

Is it time for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to establish an Industry Panel that includes members of industry and policymakers, that is responsible to oversee the industry’s economic development needs, and to address the challenges within the sector? Many say now is the time.

  • Canadian government's perspective on the economic importance of a Canadian cannabis industry
  • Assessing the economic impact of business insolvency within the sector, plus the threats, triggers and how to avoid them
  • Sharing authority with Health Canada – what responsibilities should shift, why, and what it will take to achieve
  • The consequences if the Canadian cannabis industry if it is not bolstered and supported

STATUTORY REVIEW: Key Deliverables for Canada’s Cannabis Legislation Review

May 12, 3:45pm

George Smitherman, CEO, Cannabis Council of Canada
Trina Fraser, Partner, Brazeau Seller

Canada’s cannabis legislation (Bill C 45) is set to be reviewed, more than 3 years after legalization. This is a critical time to review the performance of the Legislation against the public health and safety priorities that motivated legalization and a hoped for re- shaping of the regulatory and taxation model to reflect the operational and fiscal realities of the Cannabis sector.

  • Statutory review structure and process - key officials, departments and agencies involved, and how industry can engage to maximum effect
  • Key signals on Health Canada's proposed scope for the Review? What about Excise Tax and stamp regime
  • Provincial-Municipal and Distributor cooperation – are all levels of government and related authorities coordinating within the review? Opportunities for alignment?
  • Practical timelines: What can we expect for regulatory and legislative change following the review?

Navigating the Political & Regulatory Framework While Avoiding the Landmines

May 14, 12:00pm

George Smitherman, Executive Director, Cannabis Council of Canada
Bob Hoban, Founder & Partner, Hoban Law Group
Trina Fraser, Partner, Brazeau Seller Law

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When: mai 12, 2022